Tina Monberg has a background as a lawyer and qualified psychotherapist. She completed her master training in Systemic Work and Constellation in Organization at the Bert Hellinger Instituut.

She was educated as a mediator by Professor Frank E. A. Sander of Harvard Law School and in win-win negotiation by Professor Robert H. Mnookin of Harvard Law School. She has previously run her own law firm and worked as a corporate lawyer, but now functions as a constellator, mediator, coach and teacher.

Tina has specialized in preventing, handling, and solving business conflicts in a systemic interest-based way, so that from a conflict, no one comes out as a loser. In relation to this, she has created a conflict management concept, which has been implemented into a number of organizations. She has worked together with The Danish Bar Association to help implement mediation into Denmark.

Tina is the author of “Serve to Profit”, “Two Winners – Mediation as Positive Conflict Resolution” and “Handbook of Human Conflict Technology” and has co-written several management books.

Tina provides insight into systemic organizational conflicts and hidden dynamics.


“We asked Tina to constellate the issues impeding the progress of our global environmental NGO. Tina was able to reframe our issues through the prism of her experience as a corporate lawyer and a mediator. To be able to analyze a series of problems and draw on the correct questions was central pillar to the success of our work together. As the chairperson for the organization and a participant of the constellation I was delighted with the results - painful though some of the information was to digest. It allowed some of our key team to become conscious of patterns of behaviors and blockages. We are currently redrafting our global strategy based on the outcomes and direction from the constellation. Thank you Tina- our CEO feels renewed after our work and I sincerely appreciated your one on one follow-up to ground the learning.”
Chairperson Caroline Hunt
Natures Rights, Scotland
“I too think of you often and certainly remember my first experience with Constellation Work! It was a real eye opener for me and proved to me again that we are so well and truly connected that it is scary. As you tuned us into my situation, and the constellation evolved, the energy was so strong and the messages so very clear in my body that I could not deny the relevance of what I was feeling. Since then, I have remained constant in my reactions to what is taking place and able to better relate as necessary. Thank you for taking me here with your marvelous training and gift for this work. You certainly showed up at the right time.”
Alison Rowles-Anobile
Domaine en Prael
“Magic happens – constellation taps into what we know subconsciously and find difficult to express. It visualises the organisation and it’s actors in a kinaesthetic way. Coming out of a constellation, the entire organisational (or departmental) structure and it’s actors and in particular how they interact became clear. This helped me understand the organisation and my position in it. Constellation helped me greatly in understanding a new position that I was taking with an international organisation.”
Mette Jacobsgaard
"Tina is a master of systemic constellations. She is my secret superpower. When I have a tricky organisational Mediation she helps me to uncover the hidden dynamics that I would never reach by simply talking to the participants. This enables me to make far more powerful interventions and has opened up a whole new dimension to my work.”
Liz Rivers
mediator and lawyer
"We approached Tina at a time when we had reached an impasse as an organization. We knew that we needed a radical shift in the way we were doing things in order to move to the next level and truly fulfil the potential of the mission but we kept talking in circles amongst ourselves - unable to see out of the system that we had created. The constellation took us straight to what is most important - the heart of the issue and with great clarity and efficiency not only showed us where we were stuck, but also the surprising and unexpected steps that lead us to the solution. As a fellow lawyer and constellator, I highly recommend this way of working because it works beyond the limitations of the mind and logical thinking - and it is my experience that when things shift in the constellation, they also shift in real life. This has certainly been the case with me"
Mumta Ito
Lawyer and Founder of Nature's Rights and the International Centre for Wholistic Law.
"Tina’s constellation session enabled our network of highly qualified and well positioned women working all over the World to identify new and clear paths forward. The ideas generated helped the network transition out of a situation in which we found ourselves stuck. It was amazing to see how the constellation physically demonstrated the dynamics of the relationships between the group and other important stakeholders and brought greater clarity about a way forward.”
Mette Knudsen
Executive Director, African Development Bank. Member of Nordic Women Mediators Denmark.