When to use organizational systemic constellation

  • Conflicts within an organization
  • Securing alignment with the purpose of the organization
  • Defining a strategy for an organization
  • Verifying the consistency of a structure within an organization
  • Seeing the systemic effects in different departments
  • Testing the efficiency of important steps or changes in an organization
  • Supplying additional forms of analysing complex entanglements in the organization
  • Working with the emergent future
  • Supporting the decision process in an organisation
  • Testing of new products or services to the market
  • Analyzing entanglements of business, especially in family companies to find ways and solutions for the next generation
  • As an effective, holistic diagnostic instrument.
  • As an orientation and decision-making aid.
  • To simulate the effects as a pretest.
  • To gain common points of view and emotional charge
  • For “inexplicable” problems; as crisis intervention.

“If we are not aware, systems try to lead us. The more we are aware, the more we can dance with them.”

Jan Jacob Stam