We live in a time where we need other approaches to support us as an organization. All of us have a feeling that something new is on the horizon – an emergent future is coming towards us, that we don’t have a clue about, but we can sense it. Our traditional way of working with a planned future will no longer serve us, and we need to look at our organization as a living organism, not a static rigid body. Constellation work gives us the opportunity to tune into that organism and into a future coming towards us, including and embracing it in a healthy way.

In organizations we need to work with two kinds of future: The planed future and the emerging future. The planned future is the easier part, as we have an influence how to design the future we would like to see unfold. The emerging future is different, as it is like a tsunami coming towards us without any warning and giving us no possibility to plan ahead. Therefore, we need methods that enable us to tune into the invisible field of possibilities, that have not yet manifested themselves, and work with these scenarios in a co-creative way.

“Seeing into the future starts with knowing how to interpret signs that are present today but go unrecognised by those without a systems perspective.”

Senge, P: Fifth Discipline

The Global Consciousness Project created in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University, shows us that, the collective consciousness of all the emotional or psychological energy of people focused on the chosen event, can affect the random number generators. When human consciousness becomes coherent, the behaviour of random systems may change. A random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunnelling produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones.

But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, like when 9/11 happened, the network of 70 global placed RNGs becomes subtly structured. There exists one in a trillion odds that the effect is due to chance. The evidence from the Global Consciousness Project suggests an emerging noosphere or a unifying field of consciousness, that even can be registered before the event unfolds. The researchers do not presume to have any hypothesis for how or why this might be possible, or what the mechanism might be. They simply put forth their findings, and they urge us to look at their results and conclude, that there’s something to consider.

“We have to be humble and accept that we do not understand it entirely – and use that as an advantage - a call to all of us to experience and operate like nature in a trial-and-error process seeing what is functioning and what is not functioning.”